“Within 12 hours, the confetti spread throughout the entire club, after 24 hours, across the entire city and, in the next 48 hours, thanks to Easyjet, across all of Europe.” (Danny Faber in the movie “BAR25 – timeless days”)

Danny Faber is clearly a visionary with a pioneer spirit. In Berlin, during the 2000s, he opened the legendary BAR25 with a few friends – a cultural microcosm that would become a source of inspiration to an entire techno generation in the years that followed. In honor of the project, Danny established the music label BAR25 in 2008. In 2012, the pinnacle of the Bar25-era was reached with the film “BAR25 – Tage außerhalb der Zeit” (BAR25 – timeless days), co-produced by Danny, and the associated showcases. Artists such as Acid Pauli, Nu and Oliver Koletzki are featured by his label. Danny turned his attention towards new projects after the closing of the “Bar.” In 2013, he opened the "Chalet Club" in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With this extraordinary location and his courage to conduct musical experiments, Danny again proved his flair for the zeitgeist of club culture. But not only club culture stands at his center of focus. With "Neue Heimat", he mixed an equal blend of the food and music scene. Danny established Berlin’s most successful street food market and delighted with classical and jazz music festivals in a unique setting. If Danny has disappeared for the time being, then only to plan his next big project or on the move as a DJ. His unique style of music and distinct empathy for the vibe in the club have brought him to the world’s most renowned dance floors. Whether during peak time or after hour – he continually puts the crowd under a spell with his playful sound galaxy.


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